Saturday, March 25, 2017

PFYF Magic Holo Drops!

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I recently launched my Magic Holo Drops in the Pretties For Your Face store, so I wanted to share them with you guys! People have been going nuts for them so far, so I figured it might be helpful to post some pictures on here and explain why I made them/what you can use them for.
I noticed a huge want for holographic makeup within the beauty community. There have been so many things marketed as holographic makeup that is in fact duochrome at best. So, I wanted to create something that could be used in a variety of ways and was ACTUALLY holo. That's where the Magic Drops come in!
Each bottle is .5 ounces of holographic magic. It comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper and you only need the tiniest bit for each application! A little goes a LONG way so just a dab will do ya! You can use these as a highlighter, mix some into moisturizer/lotion to make your skin sparkle, mix some into foundation if you're feeling super crazy, use it for some holo lip art - you name it, there's a use for it! 
I got a lot of questions about using it over foundation/a full face of makeup because it has oils in it. I recommend putting a few drops on the back of your hand and then lightly tapping it onto your face with your finger where you want it to appear. Tapping is best! For a heavier application, it is best to use it on bare skin. You can also use a glitter adhesive underneath it, though it isn't necessary.
Be sure to shake well before each use! The product will naturally separate and settle each time, but this will not affect its consistency - it has mixing beads in it to help mix everything back together once you give it a good shake :)

I hope you guys will love the holo drops as much as I do! I am currently working on a pressed holo highlighter as well, so be on the lookout for that! You can purchase the holo drops on

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