Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sugarpill Feline Fancy Collection

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The Feline Fancy collection from Sugarpill is something I couldn't pass up. It has a creepy-cute cat on the front, the colors are right up my alley, and it's been a while since I've tried something new from Sugarpill, so I was pretty excited for it!

The packaging is just so cute. The outer box has the same cat artwork on as the palette, and the liquid lipstick and palette are stored in a pink inner pull-out carton.
I love that the mirror on the inside of the palette is heart-shaped. It's not huge or very practical, but it fits the aesthetic of the whole Valentine's Day palette theme, and it's very cute. The palette itself has a magnetic closure.
You get 4 shadows - they look huge but each one is 0.05 oz, the same size as a MAC shadow. I'm thinking it's just really thinly laid out in the pan because these pans are pretty big.
S.W.A.K. is a deep peach with a pink iridescence.
Winky is a spakly champagne. 
Text Me is a matte light brown.
Kiss Kiss is a deep metallic red.

Now here's the thing: these finger swatch awesomely. I've been having trouble, however, getting a couple of the shades to stick to my eyelids, even with a stickier primer. You DEFINITELY need a sticky primer or sticky base with them, which is unusual for Sugarpill because their shadows have always worked insanely well for me. 
S.W.A.K. is okay, but it take a bit to build it up on my eyes. Winky wants to just blend itself away the more you work with it. Text Me is nice and blends out well, but I have to apply a lot of it to achieve the color that it looks in the pan. Kiss Kiss is the stand out shade in the palette, no problems with this one. It is very similar to the crazy red "Swoon" from the Better Together palette by Too Faced and KVD, but this one leans more orange where Swoon is darker and a true red. While I do love these shades, I was a tad disappointed in their performance.

The liquid lipstick is called Strange Love and is once again a perfect liquid lipstick formula, I've mentioned this while reviewing the other liquid lipsticks that I have from Sugarpill, but I seriously wish they would come out with a full line of colors. They are SO comfortable to wear and just an awesome formula all around.
Strange Love is a deep brick red shade, perfect for Valentine's Day.
It has the same creamsicle scent that Trinket does. I notice that it applies very wet and liquidy, which was a bit of a worry at first - you can see in these lip swatches that I didn't wait for it to dry and you can sort of "see through" it because of the flash. In regular lighting, it looks perfectly fine.
However, once it dries it mattifies, which I'm not even sure is the right word to use here because this is a metallic lipstick. This is the only metallic liquid lipstick I've tried so far that actually looks like a metallic paint rather than a glittery liquid lipstick. It doesn't have all those shimmer particles that hang around after you've tried to take it off.

Another thing I love about these lipsticks is that they last so long, but are easy to remove. You can take a washcloth and just wet it with water, and you'll be able to take this off at the end of the day without scrubbing at your lips. That is just magical to me! Sugarpill has definitely got a handle on the liquid lipstick game - I can't wait to see what other colors they'll come out with!

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