Saturday, September 17, 2016

MAC Pearl Matte Face Powder in Trophy

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Sorry I'm so late reviewing this! This was one of those products that I just had to buy for the coolness factor. It's the Pearly Matte Face Powder from Mac in "Trophy," and it is just about the coolest powder I've ever seen!
The base color here is a light pink, then you have the white bowling pins, green ball, and a deep metallic pink on the lines of the pins which, sadly, is just an overspray and rubs right off.
I did my best to swatch all the colors separately:
And then blended all together:
I knew going into this that Pearl Matte Face Powders are not the best Mac products. The other one I own was from the Archie's Girls collection and as cute as it is with the little hearts and everything, it gives absolutely no color payoff. I have to layer it and layer it to even see the slightest bit of something. 
This one is not AS bad, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. It is smooth and feels nice, but pigmentation-wise I just don't see why this is something anyone would need. It doesn't do much of anything. I bought it with the intention of using it as a highlighter, but seeing as how it is barely there and I like a pretty visible highlight, I think it's just going to sit in my makeup drawer and look pretty!

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