Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Palette

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If ever there were a palette of highlighter created for a space princess, this is it! I was surprised when I got an email the day this launched, because I literally heard nothing about it until then. Either way, just from looking at it I knew it had to be part of my collection!

The palette, which is holographic and so pretty to look at on its own, has 6 highlighters and they are all full of duochrome-y goodness.
They just look like pale pastels until you really get in there and swatch!

The first is Blue Ice. This is a white with blue shift:

Then we have Star, a white with silver shift:

Purple Horseshoe is a lavender with blue shift (and a lot more wearable than you'd think!)

Pink Heart is an iridescent pink:

Lucky Clover is an iridescent green:

And last but not least, Blue Moon is a silvery blue:
I tried to swatch all of these so that the bottoms of the swatches went over my tattoo a bit, just so you can hopefully see bits of the color shift. Shades like these are so hard to capture in photos, but these colors are all absolutely gorgeous! The powders are smooth and pigmented, and blend so nicely. I am going to have a ton of fun with this palette, that's for sure :)

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