Sunday, May 1, 2016

Burberry Summer 2016 London With Love Blush Highlighter

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I had never tried anything from the Burberry makeup line before, but something about this adorable London With Love blush/highlighter combo just drew me in. My main reason for getting it was because my grandma loves Burberry perfumes, always has, and I usually always get her one for birthdays/Mother's Day/Christmas. It's my usual go-to gift for her. But, she is a huge blush lover and when I saw this I knew I had to grab it for her for Mother's Day this year, and picked one up for myself while I was at it so that I could review it as well!

The packaging is really nice - it comes in a metal case with the signature Burberry print:
It also came with a little brush that I failed to photograph (lol)
The product is scented, but it doesn't smell like any of the Burberry scents that I'm aware of. To me it smells like a light baby powder. It's nothing overpowering, and I can't smell it on my face when I'm wearing it, so it shouldn't bother you too much if you're sensitive to smells.
The blush itself is a reddish pink, and the highlighter is a very pale, pale shimmery pink. Mized together they're a gorgeous light pink blush, but you can of course also use just the blush part on your cheeks and then the highlighter as your highlight. Below I've swatched the blush, the highlighter, and then the two mixed together:
The entire thing is very pigmented, it blends nicely, and I love that the highlighter is so pale because I can't use anything darker than a champagne color as a highlight or it just doesn't work for me! While I don't think this is worth its crazy price tag (let's face it, all these high end brands are overpriced for what they are most of the time!) I do think it's a nice blush and I'm glad to have made a little splurge purchase. Everyone needs to do that once in a while! :)

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