Monday, April 4, 2016

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quads

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After what seems like forever, the Kat Von D shadow quads have finally released! I picked up all 4 and let me tell you, they're very, very nice!

The first thing that you'll notice of course is how awesome the packaging is. Even the boxes are cool!
I really like how they have the names on the side - of course I don't store them this way, I take them out of the box, but it's a nice touch!
Then of course the quads themselves are shaped in the same kind of way that the Shade + Light brush cases are - sort of like a coffin-meets-gemstone type of shape.
The compacts themselves are made of a thick plastic, so it feels like they will be pretty travel friendly. I wouldn't want to drop one of them on concrete of course, but I think they will be safe inside your bag!
Something a little different from past KVD shadows, you'll notice that the colors don't have specific names - they are just all labeled "base, define, contour, and highlight."
They have a cute mirror inside, and are just all around nice to look at!
Let's go over Plum first:
This has a dusty pink shade, a dark plum, a purply mauve, and a pale lavender. They are all matte.
 The plum shade has a slightly drier texture than the others, but it still blends great and is nicely pigmented.

Here is Rust:
Here we have a pinky peach, a brown, a rusty orange, and a cream. The cream color has ever-so-tiny shimmer in it so I would consider it a satin finish, but all the other shades are matte.
I almost didn't get this one because it seems very similar to shades in the Shade + Light eye palette, but though the colors are similar, they are definitely not the same.

Then there is Sage:
There is a beige, a dark green, a tan, and a cream. Again, all matte.
The green in this quad is SO amazing. I don't think I have another color like it, and I love green shadows so this is a nice addition to my collection!

Lastly we have Smoke, my personal fave:
There is a taupe, a smoky black, a gray and a white.
I have a thing for gray shadows, especially because it's not a color that you see much in palettes. The black here is insanely pigmented, but it's not a super jet black - it's a smoky black and it is absolutely perfect for doing a smoky eye. This is the perfect little quad to have to do a nice smoky look.

All in all, these shadows are great. I do find myself pairing them with other shadows just because I like to have at least SOME shimmer in my eye looks, but other than that they are amazing. I think the KVD shadows get smoother and creamier with every release, because for the most part these feel like silk! They are all very pigmented, blend nicely, and I don't have any issues with fallout despite the fact that they are very soft shadows. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and found it helpful - be sure to follow my blog for more!

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