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Natasha Denona Green-Brown 28 Palette

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Today I have the Natasha Denona Green-Brown 28 Palette. We're getting into the deep depths of makeup addiction now, friends. Are the Natasha Denona shadows really worth it? Well, I will tell you that as much as I love this palette, I don't think any palette should ever cost this much, it's a little ridiculous. I was drooling over and obsessing about this so much that my husband was like, "Just order it, don't ask me for anything else" for Valentine's Day lol. So I have had this for a bit, since Beautylish had their early access release of them, and I've been able to play around with it enough to tell you what I think!

I ended up picking the Green-Brown palette after looking over many swatches online. This one not only had the most unique shades to my collection, but I also knew I would get a lot of use out of it. It has matte shades as well that can be used for highlights and transitional shades, so I feel like you can get a whole look out of this palette easier than with the Purple-Blue one.

The packaging is white, which I'm worried about getting dirty, but it's really heavy duty feeling. It is magnetic and has a decent size mirror inside.

It does have a plastic sheet in there with all the names on it - It is perforated so you can tear it off if you want to, but I haven't brought myself to be able to do it just yet!
As the name of the palette states, you get 28 shades. Natasha Denona shadows come as singles as well, but they're almost $30 each. Now, from what I gather, the singles are .08 oz. and the palette's total amount of product is 2.24 oz, so that makes the shadows in here the same as the singles, at .08 oz. each. That makes the price of the shadows in the palette around $8.53 a piece. If you look at it that way and you were planning on grabbing a bunch of singles anyway, the $239 price tag seems like a better deal.
To not make this post extremely picture-heavy, I took the swatch pictures in groups, so here goes nothin'!
Suede (Velvet)
Indian Gold (Metallic)
Skin (Satin)
Moonstone (Metallic)
Suede is a medium matte brown with teeny tiny gold glitter.Indian Gold is a metallic champagne.
Skin is a rose gold shimmer.
Moonstone is a metallic pale gold.

Industrial (Metallic)
Smoky Quartz (Pearl)
Aluminum (Metallic)
True Gold (Metallic)
Industrial is a metallic taupe. This is the first color I fell in love with when I was looking for swatches!
Smoky Quartz is a grayish brown.
Aluminum is a metallic silver.
True Gold is a metallic gold.

Antique Olive (Metallic)
Sandstorm (Velvet)
Ochre (Pearl)
Pinija (Pearl)
Terracotta (Satin)
Sienna (Metallic) 
Antique Olive is a metallic olive green.
Sandstorm is a matte burnt orange.
Ochre is a medium brown w/pearl finish.
Pinija is a reddish brown base with green shift.
Terracotta is a copper with slight gold sparkles.
Sienna is a reddish brown with green and copper sparkles.
Shell (Velvet)
Cream (Satin)
Umber (Metallic)
Flamingo (Velvet)
Shell is a matte tan.
Cream is a pale champagne.
Umber is a coppery brown.
Flamingo is a pale pink.

Golden Aquamarine (Pearl)
Glam Green (Metallic)
Tropic (Velvet)
Cloudy Blue (Metallic)
Golden Aquamarine is a pale aqua with slight gold shift.
Glam Green is a grayish green with silver sparkle.
Tropic is an aqua with gold sparkles.
Cloudy Blue is a deep blue with gold duochrome.

Bottle Green (Metallic)
Arizona (Velvet)
Golden Flesh (Metallic)
Emerald Green (Metallic)
Cool Bronze (Metallic)
Satin Tan (Pearl)
Bottle Green is a deep shimmery forest green.
Arizona is a matte red toned brown.
Golden Flesh is a metallic bronze.
Emerald Green is a bold shimmery green.
Cool Bronze is a pale metallic bronze.
Satin Tan is a medium tan with a pearl finish.

So at first glance you'll notice there aren't many matte shades, most of the shades are metallic, and the ones that have duochrome shifts are cuh-razy!!!

Sandstorm is the only matte that gives me a little bit of an issue. Seriously for the price this should be 100% perfect, but the rest of the mattes blend out wonderfully. The rest of the shadows are so extremely pigmented and creamy, that the slightest touch gives you enough pigmentation to cover your whole lid in shadow. I wanted badly to do a dupes video for this palette, but to be honest I don't have many shadows that compare to these in my collection. These honestly put the Viseart shadows to shame, and that's saying a lot because I like those quite a bit!

I had read before getting this palette that the shadows are so creamy that they'll end up creasing. I haven't really had an issue with them as long as I use my old faithful, UDPP underneath. They wear beautifully, and despite the fact that some of the shades are messy when you pick them up on a brush, I don't get fallout with them either. These are definitely a "fancier" shadow formula, but I really, really love this palette so far. I might eventually even grab the Purple-Blue but that won't be for some time, I have to justify this one by using it constantly first! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and remember to follow my blog for much more!

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