Monday, February 8, 2016

Makeup Geek Sparkler in Milky Way

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Ah, the Makeup Geek Sparklers. This is something I was eager to try because they got a lot of not so great reviews. Are they really that bad? I don't think so. I think there's some aspects about it that will turn people off, but let's get into that in a second!

The first thing I thought when I opened this was "That is TINY." You're getting 4g/.14oz, but I just expected the jar to be bigger.
Milky Way is a silvery base with holographic glitter. It is rainbow glitter awesomeness, and the one that I was most drawn to when choosing a color.
It's important to note that these aren't pigments, they're a glitter-pigment hybrid. You definitely need a sticky base or they will not apply nicely and you'll get a ton of fallout. They have no sifters which is the biggest problem. I despise sifters, but this is a product that absolutely needs something. As soon as you open the lid, glitter is everywhere. I have to be careful not to let it knock over onto its side when it's in my drawer, because that will make even more of a mess the next time I open it. 

Because of the sifter issue, Makeup Geek knocked them down to $10 instead of the original $12 price. Marlena said that they rushed to get them out before New Year's knowing that they had this issue, so I'm not sure how great of a business move that was, but that being said, the product itself isn't terrible.
It's very hard to capture holographic glitter, but hopefully you get the idea here. I applied this using LA Splash eyeshadow sealer as a base. I like using that one because it has a wand and makes application really simple. As long as this product has a base to stick to, it will look amazing.

I don't have much of an issue with fallout - this stuff is VERY finely milled and I feel comfortable using it in the eye area without fear of getting glitter chunks in my eye.

It's definitely going to be a personal choice whether or not you decide to try these. I know they ARE adding sifters in the future, and when that happens I wouldn't be against getting a few more colors. As they are now, the packaging is terrible and makes me waste so much product every time I open it that there's no way I would bother buying another one if it's just going to spill everywhere like this. No matter what I do, every time it opens it gets everywhere. That's kind of annoying and makes me not want to use it so often. It always sucks when a product is good but the packaging is annoying!

I hope this review was helpful for you guys - be sure to follow my blog for more!

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