Friday, January 8, 2016

The "If I Could" Tag!

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 I always love doing tags, and my friends Lucy and Kelly at Sweet is Always in Style found a good one! This is called the "If I Could" tag.

If I Could Live Anywhere
I've thought about this a lot, because my husband and I often talk about where we would live if we could move anywhere. I've got to say, I like Maine a lot. And Connecticut. Basically places where I can get a lot of house and land for an awesome price. I don't think I'd ever want to move super far away (I live in Massachusetts) just because I've never really felt like I wanted to. I'd love to visit the west coast, but I don't think I could live there, you know?

If I Could Have Any Home
Fun fact but I spend a lot of time on Trulia ( bookmarking houses that I love so that maybe one day we can put bits and pieces of all our favorites into one awesome house! There's lots of things I like about different houses that I see. I think my number one thing is I want cathedral ceilings someday. I just have always loved the way that looks. Cathedral ceilings and a nice big staircase. Those are the two main things that come to mind when I think of a house that I would love!

If I Could Have Any Garden
I think this is more my husband's department. Everything I try to grow seems to die on me LOL. I don't have a green thumb at all. I am much more a fruits and veggie person than a flower person, so if I could have a garden and actually keep it alive, I would love to grow a bunch of tomatoes, onions, peppers - things I will actually use in the kitchen! We do grow cherry tomatoes every year, so that's a start :)

If I Could Be On Holiday Right Now
I would LOVE to go back to Disney World. I've only been once, but it was such a fun time. Would also love to see Italy and Ireland!!

If I Could Have Any Job
For a long while I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I even started learning, but I think my anxiety got the better of me and I started freaking out about messing up on people. I know that's silly, but I haven't continued with it and I'm not sure if I will. I will say, if I could make a living doing something with art, that would be an absolute dream come true. I've always loved drawing, painting, just creating things in general, so if I could make a living doing that it would be amazing!

If I Could Have Any Talent
Going along with drawing, I wish I could draw PEOPLE! Portraits have always been a struggle for me and something I shy away from. I practice on them whenever I'm feeling brave and I've gotten better over the years, but it's still my biggest struggle when it comes to artwork. I would also love to be able to play the guitar. When I was around 9 I started playing violin for a few years and loved it. I could even read music! I ended up quitting and lost all that knowledge. Looking back now, I could kick my younger self for giving up on it because it could have led to me being able to play other instruments!!

If I Could Live Any Day Again
Hmm. I had to think about this one because there's a lot to take into consideration. Having my son was amazing, but at the same time I went through so much pain that I wouldn't want to relive that part of it LOL. And technically it spanned over two days, so I guess I can't count that one. I would have to say re-living a concert with my mom or something, since she's not here anymore. We used to always have the best times together.

Have you done this tag yet? Send me the link! If not, feel free to do this on your blog as well!

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