Saturday, December 19, 2015

Disney Villains Leviathan Shimmer Powder

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I honestly only bought this because Ursula is on it. With the lack of her in the MAC Disney Villains collection, I fear this is the closest we'll ever get to a line of Ursula stuff lol.
This is a loose powder that comes in a jar similar to MAC pigments. It has a shaker on the top (which I usually despise) but in this case it's useful if you intend to use it on your shoulders or something.
It does have a sweet vanilla scent to it. So much so that if the dust goes up into the air as you pour some out, you can practically taste it if you breathe it in by accident!
It's not super pigmented and honestly it brushes right off if you touch it. The only way I see this actually sticking to your skin is if you use a primer and dust it on your cheekbones or something.
Trying to blend it out pretty much brushes it away, so this isn't the greatest swatch ever! I can't say I'm disappointed with it, because it was cheap and on sale on top of that. The only place that sells the Disney Villains line as far as I know is Walgreens - but I ordered this off their website because my store didn't have it!

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