Friday, October 16, 2015

Sephora Jem and the Holograms Palette

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 Here we've got the Sephora Jem and the Holograms Palette. This is the only piece I picked up from the Jem collection, even though I wanted the lipstick for the cool packaging haha! This baby has been getting some awful reviews from a lot of bloggers, but in all honesty it's not THAT bad. I've seen far more things get rave reviews that are actually complete crap, so I don't know what all the hate towards this palette is. In my honest opinion, it's pretty similar to the Disney princess palettes that Sephora has released - Yes, there are some duds, but most of the shades perform well. Let's take a look!

The packaging is just all-around cool. It reminds me of a little clutch bag with the way it opens. The outside is all black glitter and hot pink, and the inside has lightning bolts and a holographis tray where the shadows sit.
The first thing I will mention is that this palette is a lot smaller in person than I expected it to be. I was expecting around the size of the UD Vice palettes, with the shadows the same size. These shadows are a lot smaller and the palette itself is a lot smaller. I guess that explains why it's $39 instead of $59!
The shade names are all on the back of the palette.

I swatched the shades by column, because they seem to be grouped by color that way, so I figured it would be easier!

In the first column we have neutral shades:
Minx is a shimmery champange, Mrs. Baily is a shimmery peach, Stinger is a light brown with gold shimmer, and Jetta is a matte brown. Jetta definitely has a drier texture than the shimmer shades.

Second column:
Raya is a pale pink shimmer, Kimber is a medium pink shimmer, Jerrica is a matte hot pink, and Jemstar is a deep violet with pink and purple sparkles. These are all pretty good. Jerrica stains a bit but is good as far as matte hot pinks go. Jemstar is SUPER soft but extremely pigmented, so you have to be careful with it. I absolutely love the color.

Third column:
Gal Pal is a matte cream, Rockstar is a shimmery dusty rose, 1980's is a slightly iridescent purple, and Shana is a blackened purple with violet and pink sparkles. 1980's is the worst shadow in the palette - it's dry and has very little pigmentation. Shana is a lot like Jemstar, just darker. Another awesome color, but very soft and pigmented, so you have to be careful with it.

Fourth column:
Clash is a shimmery white, Rockin' Roadster is a pale iridescent seafoam green, Keytar is a shimmery green, and Pizzazz is a shimmery gunmetal. Clash could use a little more pigmentation, but the other shades in this column are pretty nice.

Fifth column:
 Hologram is a shimmery silvery-white, Synergy is a metallic dark silver, Rio is a shimmery bright blue, and Aja is an iridescent navy blue. Rio is GORGEOUS, but Aja is almost as bad as 1980's pigmentation-wise. Something with the iridescents in this palette, they just didn't get it quite right.

Sixth column:
Starlight is a matte white, Cassette is a metallic silver, Stormer is a shimmery dark blue, and Misfits is a matte black. These are all pretty decent shades, especially Misfits - it's a really deep matte black.

All in all, I enjoy the palette. As I said, there's a few duds, but you get that a lot with Sephora brand palettes. I like that there's a lot of bright colors, but they also put a good range of neutrals in there so that you have everything you need. Whenever a bright palette includes a cream, a white, and a black, I'm a fan! The awesome packaging was enough to get me to buy this palette in the first place, but the childhood nostalgia and of course the bright colors also contributed to me grabbing this lol!

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