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Lorac Mega Pro 2 Swatches and Review!

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Last year we saw the first Lorac Mega Pro palette, and that caused quite an uproar when it sold out almost as soon as it went on Lorac's site. This year the mega Pro 2 is exclusive to Ulta, and they seem to have learned their lesson because it is still available at the time of me writing this, and I have already had mine for a few days!

 This is a much more cool toned palette than the first one, but just as pretty! I found myself not using the first one much, so the past few weeks I've been forcing myself to. The shadows are some of my favorite formula, I think I'm just overwhelmed that there's 32 of them to choose from when doing a look!
The only repeat shade between this and the first Mega Pro is Black, which is understandable. I noticed in pictures before I saw this in person that the first column of cream shades all looked the same. That is not the case in person, as I hope you'll be able to tell from the swatches. The palette has 2 rows of mattes and 2 rows of shimmers, just like the first Mega Pro.
Starting with the first row of mattes we have Porcelain, a slightly yellow toned cream:

Custard, which is a shade or 2 darker than Porcelain:

Tawny, which is a camel brown shade:

Burlap, a yellow toned brown:

Melon, which looks like a cantaloupe color:

Tangerine, a muted orange:

Saddle, a medium brown:

And Forest, a deep green:

In the second row of matte shades we have Bisque, a pink toned cream:

Lavender, a pale lavender shade:

Purple, a blue based violet:

Sorbet, a dusty pink:

Goji, a muted cranberry shade:

Cabernet, a deep wine color:

Ash, a dark gray:

And black, an awesome rich black:

Onto the shimmers! The first row of shimmers starts with Sugar, a champagne shade:

Then we have Chiffon, a pale pink:

Prosecco is one of my favorites - this I would call a champagne, but it's a more silvery champagne than Sugar is:

Soft Plum is a pale dusty pink:

Cinnamon is a warm golden brown:
 Sandstone is a taupe:
 Gunmetal is a dark silver:
 Blue Quartz is a navy blue with some iridescence to it:

The last row starts with Moonlight, which is an awesome pale silvery shimmer - this would make a great face highlighter!

Seashell is a pale beigey sand shade:

Peony is a light peach:

Dk. Sienna is a red toned brown:

Penny is a golden copper:

Olivine is another of my faves. This is hard to describe - it's a silvery bronze, if that makes any sense lol:

Gold Leaf is a yellow gold:

And last but not least, Black Ivy is black with fine gold sparkles in it. I was thinking it was a really deep green because it has "Ivy" in the name, but it's definitely black!

All in all I really like this palette. I love the Lorac shadows, as they are super smooth and blendable. Their mattes are some of my favorite matte formulas ever. The downfall is because they are so soft, you can have an issue with fallout. You have to dip your brush very lightly into them, because they are insanely pigmented. Those like myself don't mind it, but I know it can be an issue for some so I wanted to point that out!

I hope you all enjoyed this review of the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette! Did you pick this up? Let me know in the comments!

I also filmed a video review!

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