Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

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I have a swatch fest for you today of the Vice 4 palette! Before I get into it, I've got to tell you guys that if you're debating whether or not to get this or the Spectrum palette, go for this one. It's a MUCH better deal considering this one has 20 shadows that are all brand new. The Spectrum palette is only a few bucks cheaper and looks pretty much the same as the UD Anniversary palette - 15 shadows, plus it only has 5 new shades. I would definitely go for the the Vice 4 instead! 
The first thing I want to say is how much I love the packaging. It has a rainbow shattered glass effect and is just so pretty to look at. It also came in a reusable makeup bag with the same type of oil slick pattern on the front.
Inside you get the usual giant mirror, and 20 gorgeous shades of shadow:
You also get the double ended brush that Urban Decay likes to include with these palettes. One end is more of a shader brush while the other is a thin blending brush. I've never been a fan of UD brushes, and I think I say this every time lol
To get into the swatches, I will say that a lot of these shades are shimmery or glittery, so if you are more of a matte person you'll probably want to skip this one!

Bones is a pale oyster satin with pearl:

Grip is a taupe matte with iridescent micro glitter:

Deadbeat is a black satin with micro glitter:

Beatdown is a vibrant metallic violet with blue micro glitter:

Pandemonium is a maroon-ish purple with lots of metallic glitters. This is a chunky glitter shade that UD is known for, but it is one of my favorites in this palette!

Framed is a light peachy matte-satin:

Fast Ball is a metallic peachy pink - this is GORGEOUS when the light hits it!

1985 is a metallic iridescent fuchsia:

Underhand is a burgundy brown satin:

Harlot is a metallic lavender:

Discreet is a soft dusty mauve matte:

Grasshopper is a metallic emerald:

C-Note is a frosted green with micro glitter:

Arctic is a bright shimmery teal:

Robbery is a deep metallic gunmetal brown:

Bitter is a red toned matte brown:

Flame is probably my favorite in this palette. It's another chunky fallout type shade, a bright orange with metallic gold - super pretty!

Low is a brown matte with iridescent micro glitter:

Crowbar is a black with golden pearl and metallic micro glitter - this shade is super messy but again, very pretty:

Delete is a deep matte brown:

All in all, I'm very happy with this palette. You have some messy shades, but I don't think Urban Decay will ever get away from their love of chunky glitters lol. I do find myself using this with other palettes a lot, just because there's not too many mattes and neutrals in here to create a full look the way I like to, but other than that I definitely love this palette!

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