Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Apocalipstick in Bruja

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My main interest in this lipstick was the "bullet" lipstick bullet! Definitely a unique tube to have with my other lipsticks. There are currently only 3 shades, and I picked up Bruja, which is a grayish lavender. The box it came in also reminds me of Beetlejuice, which is awesome.
First off, I LOVE the color. It's on the same idea as all the greige shades I've been loving lately, just with more of a purple tint to it.
The formula is incredibly moisturizing and it feels amazing on the lips. I get a few hours of wear out of this before having to touch up, which is great considering it isn't a matte kiss-proof formula.
A better shot of the "bullet." It's rather large, but I just think this is the coolest lipstick packaging ever!
It looks a little darker swatched on my arm than it actually does on the lips. On my lips it shows up pretty much true to what the color looks like in the tube. 

This was my first purchase from this company, and I am itching to buy more! I was very impressed with the quality and performance of this lipstick. I hope that they come out with some more Apocalipstick colors, because these are awesome!

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