Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Custom Starbox

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Here is this August's custom Starbox! I always get excited to try out new items for you guys, and this month was no exception.

First thing's first, the gift cards! 
I got a $25 one for us.elevenparis.com, a $15 one for torrain.org, and a $20 one for Starlooks

Next is the slanted liner brush:
I picked this because I already have one from a Starbox from a long time ago, and I wanted a backup! I use this ALL THE TIME for my brows!
I love this because it's nice and soft, yet still super thin and stiff. It's such a perfect brow brush, and works great for liner too!

Next is a mini Gimme More Volumizing Mascara:
This has a pretty standard wand and is very dark black, which is what I always look for in a mascara.
Here is my left eye with no mascara:
And here it is with the Gimme More mascara:
It definitely gives some length and volume.

Last we have an eyeshadow in Gold Coast:
The formula is a bit dry and it's not the most pigmented, but it is a pretty color! A bronzey gold, makes a nice all-over lid color.

That's it for this month's Custom Starbox - as always you can sign up for just $12 a month HERE!

You can also check out my video here:

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