Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spongellé Body Buffer and Pedi Buffer

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 I was recently sent a few things to try out from Spongellé. I wanted to make sure I used them both a few times before reviewing so I could give you a good idea of how they work!

First I'm going to talk about the Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Body Buffer. 
 This comes in really nice packaging and would make a cute little gift! It is attached to a ribbon that comes out the top of the box. The ribbon is attached to the buffer itself, which is nice for the shower because it gives you a better grip. Plus, you can hang it off the shower head!
This smells SO GOOD. It does smell just like rose, but not overpowering. I hate artificial rose scents but can tell you this one is not offensive to the nose by any means! It smells very nice and leaves your skin with a light rose scent that lingers all day long. It is an all in one cleanser, massager, and exfoliator designed to hydrate and massage. It says it should last 14+ washes. It does lather up quite a bit which I like as well.

Next we have the Mandarin Mint Pedi Buffer with Built-In Cleanser.
Again, this smells amazing. It has a very fresh citrus scent to it. I don't smell much mint at all, but it is very cooling and soothing on the feet, so I guess that's where the mint comes in!
Just like the body buffer, this cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and massages. This is excellent for dry feet, and I love that it cleans as well. It has a time-released cleanser in it so it doesn't lose all its suds at once, and is just an all around relaxing product to use. This says it lasts 30+ washes, which is awesome.

 If you are interested in either of these or the many other products that they carry, check out their website at! You can also follow them on Instagram at

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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