Wednesday, July 29, 2015

L.A. Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

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L.A. Girl has come out with some matte liquid lipsticks, and they are GREAT for the price. That being said, they do have a few faults to them. I'll go over that in more detail in a minute, but let me tell you the best place to get them from! They retail for $5 on the L.A. Girl site, but the shipping alone is $7, which is ridiculous. I found them on iKateHouse for $3.99 each and their shipping is only $3.95. A much better deal! Even better? It shipped the same day and got to me in 2 days - insane!

The first fault I see with these is the tubes are super thick and bulky. Not a very pocket-friendly product, but that isn't a huge dealbreaker for me. This first color here is Tulle, a bright hot pink:
They have an applicator that is rather flat on each side - it helps in applying it, because you can really get into the corners of your lips with this..

Next we have Fantasy, a peachy coral:

Last we have Rebel, a berry mauve. This color was the one Judy from It'sJudyTime on YouTube recommended on her channel, and I had to pick it up. Such a gorgeous shade!
These do dry down completely matte, and are kiss proof/smudge proof. I was really surprised with the lasting power for them being so inexpensive. You need an oil based remover to take them off because they're one of those products that doesn't want to budge. That's okay though - if I can get all day wear out of something I will gladly use a separate remover to get it off at night! 

Now the only other downside? The formula is sticky. It stays tacky on your lips well after it dries down, which is so odd to me because that never usually happens with a matte product. I've tried dusting a transluscent powder on top of them, but it only helps for a little while before the tackiness comes back. If you can deal with a little tackiness, then these might be something to seriously check out, because other than that they are completely awesome for $3.99!

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