Monday, July 20, 2015

Kat Von D Metal Crush Shadows - Review & Swatches!

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I am super excited to share all 10 shades of the Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadows with you guys! There were originally 13 (missing from the Sephora site is a bright pink, darker purple than the one here, and an orange, but no word on when these will be released). Also, my Thrasher came crushed so it's not too pretty looking, but I photographed it and took swatched anyway!
The packaging on these is black with a clear lid, with the KVD insignia on the top in silver. They are flip-tops, and they're flat so they're relatively easy to store.
As you can see, they're not incredibly thick and bulky. I'm not sure if depotting these would be easy, but I'm one that doesn't like depotting makeup too much, especially my KVD stuff, so I most likely won't attempt it!

As I stated already, my Thunderstruck arrived smashed. This is a metallic pearl that looks white gold in some lights with a tinge of pink in others - really pretty!

Static Age is a metallic silver. It immediately reminded me of my favorite band, Green Day, because of the name! (They have a song called Static Age lol)

Thrasher is a metallic deep gold. It reminds me of Makeup Geek's Liquid Gold pigment, only a lot less messy and easier to work with!

Synergy is a metallic bronze. In some lights it comes off as more of a reddish brown, but either way it's pretty!

Electric Warrior is a pearlescent citron green. This is SO nice and bright!

Iggy is a pearlescent mermaid green, and it's another gorgeous shade. This is probably my favorite out of the bunch.

Another favorite, Paranoid is a pearlescent cobalt blue. It's so bright and pigmented, you only need the tiniest bit to get this color payoff!

Danzig is a pearlescent violet. This one is really cool because it has tiny violet and blue sparkles throughout it as well.

Raw Power is described as an iridescent mahogany, but I'd call it a metallic rust color.

Black No. 1 is a deep gunmetal gray with tons of shimmer. 

All 10 of the shades are absolutely gorgeous. The formula is on par with Kat's shadows from her palettes, as they are all smooth, apply nicely, and blend super easily. If you don't want them to be full-on metallic, you can apply them lightly and blend them out for a more subtle effect. I really love them so far, and love the color selection. I am hoping the pink, orange and purple that we're missing will make an appearance soon!!

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