Saturday, July 18, 2015

Freedom Makeup London Pro Butters Lip Gloss in Cat Whsikers

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Yet another Freedom London Makeup product! This is one of their Pro Butters Lip Glosses, and it is called Cat Whiskers. Kind of a weird name for a bright pink, but let's go with it!

These just have your average doe foot applicator:
The formula is creamy and feels exactly like the NYX Butter Glosses.
It doesn't dry down matte and isn't kiss-proof, but it is a really pretty gloss and pretty pigmented.
It has no scent to it and doesn't last very long, plus they are $4.68 which isn't SUPER cheap compared to a lot of their other stuff that is better quality. I'm kind of on the fence with this product because it isn't HORRIBLE, it's just something that didn't "wow" me.

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