Monday, June 22, 2015

Viseart Bridal Satin Palette

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I had to finally cave and see what the big fuss was about Viseart palettes. The hard part was deciding which one to get. There are quite a few now, and different sites have different ones. I ended up getting the Bridal Satin palette from Camera Ready Cosmetics where they have free shipping over $50. I figured I would get a lot of use out of this palette because it's all colors that I use the most often anyway!

There's nothing really fancy about the packaging here. It's a black palette with a clear lid and 12 shadows. The palette looks smaller in person than what I expected, but man is it nice!!!
That being said, it's not really a big deal that the shadows are small because they are so pigmented you only need to slightly tap your brush into it for full opacity on the lid. I LOVE that about these! Let's have a look at some swatches ...

First is a white gold shade that I love to use on the inner corners of my eyes. It blends with any other color in the palette to make an awesome highlight.

Next is a silver, pretty standard silver shade.

This one is a really pretty baby pink - I don't think I have any other shadows that are this shade!

Baby blue as well:

This is an awesome peach shade that is one of my new favorite all-over lid colors:

Then we have an amazing taupe that is another of my favorites in this palette:

A super vibrant purple:

A deep blue:

A warm gold:

This one is a medium brown that has sort of a rose tint to it, hard to explain!

A seep plummy purple:

And last but not least, a smoky black

The quality of these shadows is amazing. I can see why everyone raves about them! Every one of them has the same creamy smoothness to them, and they're all extremely pigmented and easy to blend. This is definitely a perfect bridal palette, as you can go really natural or really dramatic with it, and all the colors are perfect for bridal makeup.

One thing about their palettes is that they're all one finish. You either get an all-matte palette or an all-shimmer one. I would love to see one that is a mix of both, because since I really love this one I am tempted to try a matte one next!!

As mentioned, you can get the Viseart palettes (they also have lip palettes!) at Camera Ready Cosmetics. I warn you, if you try these you will fall in love!! :D

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