Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rue 21 Truly Yours UR Eye Smudge Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise

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I have been pretty impressed with Rue 21 makeup recently, so when I noticed that they added some new gel liners and a few other things to the line, I had to pick one up. I picked the color Turquoise, but I believe they also have a black and a silver. I've got to say, this is not a great liner at all.

The packaging is cute. It's in a clear plastic jar so you can see the color, which is nice when it comes to storing it. The lid is a metallic pink and it even comes with a matching angled mini brush.
The color is very pretty - I thought it would be great for summer. It's just not pigmented. It's very slick/oily feeling and doesn't have great color payoff. Even as a shadow base it's not great, because it's so oily so it creases.
I was just all around disappointed in this. I can't really use it for anything, so it was a waste. Granted it was only $4.99, but I would have rather bought another one of their shadow palettes that I know work nicely instead of this!

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