Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MAC Dazzleshadows in Boom Boom Room and I Like 2 Watch - Le Disko Collection

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MAC recently launched their "Le Disko" collection, which was full of these new Dazzleshadows (which are just like the Urban Decay Moondust shadows, I will get to that in a minute!) and Dazzleglasses, which I didn't pick up. I got 2 of the shadows and that's what I'm showing you today!

This is Boom Boom Room, which is a gorgeous burgundy with emerald shift. This is so pretty, but I wish I hadn't bought it and that I picked a different one instead, because this is the same exact thing as Urban Decay's Solstice, which I already have!
Here are a few swatches to try and catch the color shift:
Now here is Boom Boom Room on the left and Urban Decay's Solstice Moondust shadow on the right:
Reeeeally not much of a difference. They even have the same texture!

Speaking of texture, I have seen people describe these as a cream-powder hybrid. There's no way. They're dry as the day is long. They blend nicely and everything, but there's no way I would call these Dazzleshadows a creamy product.

The second color I got was I Like 2 Watch, which is described as a midtone brown with gold shift. I don't see much bronw in it and see it more as a gold with green shift, but it is a really pretty, dramatic color!
Again, I attempted to catch the color shifts:

Overall, I really love these. They're sparkly and gorgeous and I don't have any issue with fallout despite the fact that they are quite glittery. I just wish I had seen more swatches beforehand so I wouldn't have ordered a color so similar to one I already had! Although, at this point in the game, that's pretty hard for me LOL

At the time I'm writing this, the shadows are still all available on Mac's website. Did you pick up anything from Le Disko? I'd love to hear how you like what you got!

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