Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in I'm Nude and Anna Nicole

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I am late reviewing these! I did not get any of the 3 blue lipsticks from his last release, but before that I ordered I'm Nude and Anna Nicole, which are both gorgeous colors.

I'm nude is such a perfect nude that will look great on a lot of skin tones. For pale people like me, it's one of those nudes that isn't overly pale and makes you look dead or sick - it's such a nice every day nude color.
As I said last time, I love the slight curve that the applicators on these have.
For some reason it looks like a darker nude when swatched on my arm, but as you can see in the lip swatches, it's pretty light.
As you can see, it looks a little more pink toned in the second picture where I was directly in the light.

Anna Nicole is a orangey red, which I didn't think I would like on me but was pleasantly surprised. I normally go for blue based reds but this is a very flattering slightly orange red that will look good on pretty much everyone!!
With this one the color doesn't change much in different lighting like with I'm Nude above.

I love both of these shades. They're definitely something to grab while they're still available! I do find that these don't last as long as other liquid lipsticks for me - as soon as I eat or drink, they start to wear off in the centers of my lips. But with colors this pretty, I will deal with it and reapply after eating!

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