Friday, May 29, 2015

Wolf Eyes!

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Some new lenses from Spooky Eyes! These are the Wolf Eye Contact Lenses and you can purchase them here:

I have reviewed several pairs of lenses from Spooky Eyes before and really can't pick a favorite! These are a bright reddish orange with yellow flecks all around them.
The one downside is I don't recommend these for people who have astigmatisms. I have really bad astigmatisms in both eyes and it's hard to see with these just because the non-colored part is a specific size and my pupils are, as my eye doctor says, "football shaped," so the circle more or less makes me see an orange circle when I wear them. I find that circle lenses are fine because the color starts further out and there's not a sharp circle in the center to cut off my vision. These are, however, still pretty freakin' cool looking!
Spooky Eyes has a TON of different lenses (you can search by color, theme, whatever you want!) and they are all super affordable, which is another plus. Definitely check them out if you're looking for some fun contacts!

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