Friday, May 22, 2015

MAC Wash & Dry Freshen Up High-Light Powder

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It seems like MAC always has the prettiest packaging for their summer collections. Last year it was Alluring Aquatics, with that crazy packaging that looked like it had water droplets all over it. This year is the tropical looking Wash & Dry collection, with the rasta-esque colors. Freshen Up is the one thing I knew I needed from this collection, and I believe it was the first thing to sell out on launch day. It is called a high-light powder, but there's just no way - it's far too deep of a color for it to work as a highlighter for ANYONE.

A few shots of the packaging - as you can see, the fun colors go all the way around to the back. The bronzers from this collection had a solid front cover, this one has a see-through one.

As gorgeous as the gold is, it's just a light overspray. One swipe and it's gone. I really, really wish this went throughout the product because it would make it that much prettier. The powders underneath are pretty much matte, so again, not much of a "high-light" aspect to it!
You get a dark peachy pink, a medium peach, and a very light peach shade here. 
 Blended together they make a nice peach blush.
It is very pretty and blendable, and I am so glad I picked it up. I would just love it if the golden part of it went all the way through the product, but sadly it does not. I've only been using one side of it because I'm afraid to swirl my brush all in it and get rid of the overspray completely!

Did you guys pick up anything from this collection? What are your thoughts? I did pick up a lipstick as well but I will review that in a separate post!

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