Sunday, May 3, 2015

LASplash Smitten Lip Tint in Sirius

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The LASplash Smitten Lip Tints are described as a "waterproof mousse," and that is pretty spot on. These look and feel just like Lime Crime's Velvetines, which is probably why they;ve become so popular lately!

This shade is called Sirius and is a really deep navy blue. I wanted to get a crazy color just to see how it would hold up throughout the day.
It is REALLY dark, and really pigmented. Right off the bat that is a good sign! It takes a few seconds to dry, but dries totally matte and kiss proof. It's definitely waterproof, because I swatched this on my hand and couldn't get it off afterward!
For such a dark color, it is surprisingly not too messy to apply, and lasts pretty much all day long. I noticed that it just fades slightly in the center of the lips, from eating and drinking. This is such an awesome, comfortable formula to wear as far as liquid lipsticks go!

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