Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ILNP Polishes in Paradox and MEGA

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Guys, guys, guys. If you want to see some seriously amazing nail polishes, check out Go ahead, I'll wait! I have purchased a couple from there before, and when they launched some new stuff for spring, I picked up 2 more. I am seriously impressed with both of them! Have a look ...

Paradox is a Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakie. The collection comes in Ultra Chrome Flakies as well, which are also pretty, I believe the only difference is they just don't have the holographic micro glitters in them.
This is a magical shade that flashes purple, blue, green, pink - it's a rainbow of awesome.
A picture will never do these polishes justice, because they're just so multi-colored and multi-dimensional - they look different in pretty much any lighting! The swatch on my nail is 2 coats. They look different depending what color you use as a base coat, which is also pretty cool. You can get these to be close to opaque in about 4 coats if you wanted to wear it by itself. I definitely love them over other colors though!

I've found with this shade that if you use blueish polishes as base colors, it will flash more pink and purple. If you use purple-y colors as a base, it flashes more green and blue. It's really a fun shade and the best part is that the flakies are so fine, the polish doesn't feel gritty or anything on your nails. I have had flakie polishes before that drive me nuts because some of the flakes will stick up and get caught on your clothes and stuff - the ILNP flakies do not do that, so that is a major plus!

Next up we have MEGA (S) - there are 3 different MEGA's on the site and I think they all have a different glitter type, but at any rate, the one I'm talking about here is (S). I had to get this for the name, because one of my friends calls me Mega - we had a customer when we used to work together that for some reason thought that was my name instead of Megan, and everyone thought it was hysterical so that nickname stuck! Aside from having an awesome name, this polish is downright gorgeous.
It is super fine, teeny tiny micro holographic rainbow goodness. Again, pictures can't do it justice! This baby is opaque in 2 coats and is hands down the BEST holo polish I have ever tried, and I've tried a LOT of them.
That last picture really managed to capture the craziness of the holo. I cannot stress enough how much I love this polish!

I have to say, the formula of these polishes is excellent. It always applies smoothly, I haven;t had any issues with any of them getting clumpy, and they dry super fast every time. If you are looking to try an awesome indie polish company, I highly recommend ILNP.

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