Friday, May 15, 2015

ColourPop Highlighters in Stole the Show, Monster, Hippo, and Spoon

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ColourPop recently released highlighters, and you KNOW I had to grab some! I love their products and these are no exception. If you have tried their blushes or eyeshadows before, these highlighters are that same cream-to-powder type formula, and are amazingly pigmented.

I did notice that these don't have the quilted pattern on the top of the product like everything has had in the past. I don't know if they're doing away with that, or it's just the highlighters that don't have it, but either way it's no big deal - that pattern goes away after a couple of uses anyway!

Stole the Show is a pale white gold with gold, pink, and silver micro glitters. All of the highlighters here are a "pearlized" finish, though some have more glitter to them than others, such as this one.
I have really been loving this one - it gives an awesome highlight to your cheeks and is pretty sparkly. This is definitely one for paler skin tones, as I can see it being too pigmented and white looking on darker skin.

Monster is an iridescent pink. This one isn't overpoweringly pigmented, and it's more of a true pearl finish because it doesn't have glitters in it.
If you remember the cream highlights that Urban Decay used to have, this is EXACTLY like Moonshine. That was one of my faves and the reason I bought this, because I miss that highlighter so much! It looks cream-white in the pan until the light hits it, then you see the pretty flash of pink. Very cool.

Hippo is a super pale lavender that just gives a slight sheen to your skin.
This is another pearly looking one, as there's no glitter in it. It's the least pigmented of the ones that I picked up, but still pretty!

Spoon is a pale champagne with silver sparkles.
This is a somewhat sparkly one - great if you like a shimmer to your highlighter but nothing overpoweringly glittery.

I love ColourPop's products so much. Just like the blushes, these babies last all day long. They always amaze me because they are a cream product and those usually don't work out well for me, but there's some sort of awesomeness in ColourPop's stuff that makes it last all day long. All four of these are gorgeous and I definitely recommend them!

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