Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MAC Philip Treacy Highlighting Powder in Blush Pink

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Boy, did I drool over this when I first saw it. The MAC Philip Treacy collection released 2 of these funky looking powders. This one is Blush Pink, the other was Nude Pink. The bummer? That cool silver design is just an overspray that literally comes off the first time you use it. The powder is still pretty on its own, but the shimmer that the silver gave it made it so much better!

I bought this when the collection first launched and totally spaced out reviewing it, so I apologize that this is going up so late!
 As I said, that silver wipes off after the first time you swirl a brush in it. What you're left with after that silver is gone is a light, slightly shimmery, slightly pink powder.
It is very soft and almost blends away if you over-work it or use too fluffy of a brush. I have found myself blending this with other blushes, as it is very light and hardly shows up on my cheeks, but gives the skin a nice, smooth looking finish. A bit disappointed in the overspray, but it was pretty while it lasted!

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