Friday, March 20, 2015

MUA Velvet Luxe Lip Lacquer in Tranquility

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I'm going to have a ton of liquid lipstick reviews coming up, but I will try and space them out so that it doesn't feel like that's the only thing I'm reviewing here. I am swamped with stuff to review so I will most likely be updating every day for a while. With the recent Lime Crime drama, people have been looking for dupes from other brands, or just other liquid lipsticks in general. This one here is from MUA and it is called Velvet Luxe Lip Lacquer. I got the color Tranquility, which is a dark peach shade.

The packaging is frosted glass and very similar to Lime Crime's Velevtines packaging. I believe this was around $10 but the only place I could get it was eBay because MUA is a European brand and although they sell the line at CVS, they didn't carry this particular product. Their website for some reason would not work for me when I tried to checkout, so I had to resort to eBay!
It has a standard doe foot applicator and the product smells a bit like paint, which I'm noticing is a trend with the liquid lipsticks. Very few that I have tried lately actually have any scent to them. The paint smell doesn't linger, it's just the initial scent of the product when you have it on the applicator.
Tranquility is a dark peach that dries completely matte. It takes about 30 seconds to dry completely, but after that it does not budge. It feels like nothing on the lips and is totally transfer-proof and kiss-proof. It is quite drying, but I think it's a great product for being considered a "drug store" brand.
I can get all day wear out of this with just a little bit of fading in the center of my lips. It isn't too hard to take off - a normal makeup remover does the trick. If you can find these, they're definitely worth a try!

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