Saturday, February 14, 2015

Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liner

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If you're a long time Urban Decay fan like me, you may remember they had a cream liner in a coffin-like packaging a long while ago called "Ink for Eyes." I loved that, and was hoping when I heard the name pop up again that they were bringing it back. No such luck. This is a felt tip pen liner by the same name.

The liner itself is very thin and sleek. The tip comes to a very fine point, and I like that it is super flexible - it's not one of those really stiff felt tips that you don't get much control over.
I find that I tend to have some skipping when applying this, which isn't ideal, but it's not as bad as others I've tried. It is a really nice dark black and does NOT budge once it's dry! It dries pretty quickly, within a few seconds, and it is pretty hard to remove. I usually have to do a swipe of liquid makeup remover and then go in with my cream one before I wash my face for the night when wearing this. I am willing to put up with that though, because it has such amazing lasting power!

Here are a few swatches with and without flash. I'm not sure why it bled into the little lines in my skin - I can assure you it doesn't bleed on the eyelid!
Overall this is a fantastic liner and I am glad I finally tried it out! It came in a set that I got before the holidays, and I was very pleased that they included the full size of this liner!

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