Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sugarpill Limited Edition Chromalust in Pastelle

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I am late on reviewing this as it's not even available anymore, but I still wanted to get swatches up! Sugarpill recently released 9 new Chromalust shades, plus this limited edition one in Pastelle. It's the only one I picked up so far, as the others are all permanent and I know how quickly their LE shades sell out (I have all the other LE Chromalusts so the obsessive collector in me told me I had to get this one too!)

Pastelle is a super pale shimmery baby pink with tons of gold sparkles.
I find that I have to build this color up or use it wet to get the best intensity from it, but it's worth a little extra work because it is so pretty! Of all the shadows I have, I don't have a lot of pale pinks like this, and the added gold shimmer just makes it really unique.
Depending what way the light hits is, it will look more gold or more pink. I really love the Sugarpill Chromalusts because pretty much all the ones I own have a cool color shift like that. If you like sparkle and don't mind working with loose shadows, the Chromalusts are DEFINITELY something you need in your makeup collection!

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