Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color

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It's very rare that I find a drugstore lipstick that says "kiss proof" or "transfer proof" that actually owns up to that name. The new Provocalips lipsticks from Rimmel are PHENOMENAL. I picked up a light shade and a dark shade to try out, and I am impressed with both. Take a look!

The packaging is double ended, with the color on one end and a clear topcoat on the other. Both have doe foot applicators. The clear end is a creamy consistency (forgive the fact that it is already stained with product, I forgot to take pictures before I used it!!)
The gloss isn't super shiny or anything, but it smells pleasant, almost fruity.

The applicator on the side that has the actual lipstick is a little flatter, and I find this easy to apply straight from the tube without needing a lip brush.

On the left is Heartbreaker, on the right is Skinny Dipping:
I thought I should try a light and a dark shade, because sometime the dark ones end up lasting longer than the lighter ones. That is not the case with these - I can get the same amount of wear from both of them! So how do they perform?

The lipsticks apply evenly and opaque. You need to let it dry for about 30 seconds once you apply it, and don't rub your lips together. At this point it gets very sticky, and that is when you should apply the clear coat. This completely kills the tackiness and makes it feel comfortable on the lips. The gloss is supposed to give a shine, but I only see a slight shininess when I apply it. 

As far as wear time, oily food will break the color down and it will need to be touched up, but other than that it will last all day. It does not kiss off, transfer, or smudge at all. I am VERY impressed with these! One thing to note, the clear coat does tend to wear off throughout the day. You'll know because your lips will start feeling tacky again, like when the color is first applied. Another coat of the clear gloss will fix that issue and you'll be good to go again! These are quite comfortable on my lips and don't dry them out at all.

Here is a swatch of Skinny Dipping on the lips:
It comes off as almost a greyish nude on me, but I really like it. It's slightly shimmery, but you have to get right up close to tell.

This is a nice reddish berry shade. Again, not matte but not very shimmery either. This one has more of a glossy finish than Skinny Dipping.

I can't recommend these enough. At around $6, these outperform a LOT of more expensive lipsticks that I own. I got them at Ulta but have seen them popping up at places like Target and Walmart - anywhere that sells Rimmel should start getting them soon!

I did a video review on these as well!

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