Monday, February 9, 2015

NYX All Over Balm - Argan Oil

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This is a neat little product. NYX has a few of these but I picked the Argan Oil one. It is essentially a balm that you can use on your lips or just about anywhere you have dry skin.

It comes in a good-sized tin, and you get .88 oz. of product. It's got a really pleasant scent to it, which is always a plus for me. The balm itself is very soft - it's not one of those hard balms that you have to dig your finger into to get any product out of it.
I love this for my lips - I put it on before bed and I honestly haven't had any chapped lip issues since I started using it. For the rest of my skin, however, it is nice if you're going to cover it up and use it as an overnight treatment, but it's far too oily for me to just put somewhere and not expect it to get everywhere. If you were to use it on dry hands, for instance, I would recommend using it overnight and wearing a pair of cotton gloves to keep it from getting everywhere.

I have really been enjoying this as a lip balm and since it's so huge I'm going to have this for a while! Definitely recommend checking it out, as it's a great little product to have and only costs a few bucks. I got mine from Ulta but I'm sure they have it wherever NYX is sold!

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