Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Traveling in Style - My Picks!

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I am not a traveler by any means. I haven't been many places in my life, and where I have been hasn't been incredibly far from my hometown in Massachusetts.. I am going on my first "real" vacation in April and could not be more excited. I never got to go to Disney World when I was little, but my husband grew up right near it so he went all the time. We are taking our son (even though I wish he was a little older so he'd actually remember it) as well as going down there to visit my husband's family. (If you guys would like any blogs about the trip afterward, let me know! I'm sure I will have plenty of photos to share!)

I came across a website called Women Travel in Style that is really useful. There's a ton of content on there to inspire you and give you tips, as well as a store where you can find all kinds of travel-related accessories.
That being said, I thought I would talk about the things I know I absolutely must bring with me on this trip.

1. Flip-flops. I will enjoy being able to wear them in April, as it's always too cold in Massachusetts!
2. Swimsuit. We are staying at the Disney Art of Animation resort, which has the BIGGEST pool out of all the Disney resorts, so there WILL be swimming involved!
3. Lots of kid's clothes - my son makes a mess whenever he eats!
4. Plenty of shorts - again, shorts in April is unheard of here, so I can't forget to pack them!
5. Tanks. Pretty sure I'll be living in tank tops. I don't particularly like hot weather, so the cooler I can keep myself, the better!
6. Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, body wash. I can't rely on the hair products they provide with my curly poofy hair, especially if it's going to be hot and humid! (There's some really cool toiletry bags on the Women Travel in Style site!
7. Lots of sunscreen!

Bonus: Carry-On Bag Must Haves:
1. Camera. I got my newest point and shoot for Christmas, and I am in love. It is a bright purple Nikon PowerShot, it's tiny and compact, and takes amazing photos!
2. Laptop. Let's face it - I can't go anywhere without being connected to the internet, and I have a 2 year old who's going to need to be entertained on the plane rides. 
3. Dramamine. I get car sick, but I don't get sea sick. I don't know if I will get air sick LOL
4. Toys. Again, we have a 2 year old!
5. Diapers/wipes/change of kid clothes. Another few things that don't need explaining.
6. Snacks. Just in case.
7. My makeup bag - not bringing a ton with me, but I also don't want any of it broken, so in my carry-on it will go.

Pretty basic, but at least I'll have some sort of plan when it comes to packing. I'm sure there are more things that I am forgetting, but for now this is my main list!

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