Saturday, January 24, 2015

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Shadow Stack

My first venture into Melt Cosmetics was trying one of their eyeshadow stacks. I chose the Love Sick one because I really liked the colors. I had heard mixed reviews of their lipsticks, so I was somewhat worried about ordering this at first. At $48 it's a pretty hefty price for a shadow palette from an indie company, but if you think of it as they come out to $12 each, it's not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Also, the shadows are giant at 3.57g each, so you are getting your money's worth!

The shadow stacks are "limited edition," but at the time that I'm writing this post, they are still available on I think this was a smart move on their part - they were highly anticipated in the beauty community, but they didn't make super limited quantities so that they sold out in 5 seconds. I also had no issue with their site freezing or anything and I ordered this as soon as they launched the shadow stacks, so they definitely get 2 thumbs up for that! Oh, and I got my shipping confirmation number about an hour after I ordered - talk about fast! I think some bigger companies *coughMACcough* could learn from them and be a little smarter about huge releases.

I first have to say that I love the packaging, both the box it came in and the stack itself. Even the shipping box had cool tattoo script inside with "Melt Cosmetics" all over it. 
The shadows are each magnetic, so you can stick them together whichever way you want. This is especially handy when you just want to mix and match them. They have a Dark Matter stack as well, so if you wanted to mix and match them all, it makes it very easy. I am hoping they will come out with single shadows like this in the future so that you can just add and create your own stacks!

They also threw in a tiny little lipstick keychain, which is adorable!

Now on to what you really want to see - the shadows!! The top piece of the stack is a mirror - always an added bonus when a compact or palette includes a mirror. Not sure how much i will actually use this, but it's nice to have.

The first shade is called Promiscuous. It is a purple with a blue duochrome to it.
This shade wasn't as dark as I thought it would be, but it is definitely buildable. That is the only thing I was somewhat bummed about upon receiving these and playing with them - the purple they kept showing was this super deep purple and this one isn't that dark. Not a huge deal though, because like I said, you can build it up!

Fixated is a matte deep blue-gray.
REALLY impressed with how nice their mattes blend and work. No issues with fallout, yet they are soft and so easy to work with.

Amelie is what sold me on this stack. It is GORGEOUS!! It's a shimmering peach with hints of gold shift.
 I do not have any other shadow like this and I have been using it constantly - it goes well with so many colors!!

Last we have Love Sick, a matte deep brick red.
Again, so impressed with this as it is a matte shade but works amazingly. It's also nice to have this shade of red in my collection - most of the ones I have are just bright, true reds.

As far as pros and cons go, I love the quality of these shadows. They are huge so you definitely get a ton of product for the price you're paying. The magnetic packaging is really unique and makes way for them to come out with more in the future. I have no issues blending these shades and they all work like a dream. The only somewhat negative thing I can think of is that the purple isn't quite what I expected it to look like, but it is pretty nonetheless!!

These are limited edition, but I'm not sure HOW limited because they aren't sold out yet at the time of me writing this. If you have been lusting after them, pick them up while you can! :)

Check out some live swatches here:


  1. The price of these is hefty but also the shipping, $7 is a lot, don't u think?

  2. $7 is outrageous especially if you're only getting one thing. However, I got my tracking number only an hour after I ordered so they are on top of their game as far as that goes. I can forgive it because it got to me so fast, but they should give you different shipping options like almost every company does lol