Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Face Cleansing Gel & Eye Makeup Remover

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I bought the Philosophy Purity Made Simple gel on a whim because I was in need of a new face wash. I've tried several Philosophy products before and enjoyed them, but the price point always turns me off. This one seemed like the most affordable wash they had, ad you get 7.5 ounces for $21 (plus I got this during the VIB sale, so it was even less). Let me tell you, I've really been enjoying it!

I'll start by saying I've heard a lot of things about Philosophy washes being irritating, but I didn't experience that with this. It's a really thick gel consistency, and it foams up really nicely which I LOVE in a face wash. I just like that soapy, bubbly feeling you get - makes me feel like my face is getting cleaner!

As I said, you get 7.5 ounces which is a pretty big tube, and you don't need much of it so this will last a long time. 

The scent is very clean and fresh - I swear I smell a hint of lavender in it, but it doesn't say anything about that in the ingredients so I'm not sure what I'm smelling. It's pleasant either way!

 My only issue is the packaging - I wish it came in a pump bottle instead of a tube. The gel is so thick that it's hard to squeeze the tube and get it out. That's really my only complaint!

Using this makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. It has quickly become my new favorite face wash. I also love that it is an eye makeup remover, so it's a great all-in-one product. It's awesome to not have to use an eye makeup remover wipe and then wash my face, I can just do it all with this. I highly recommend trying this one out!

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