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Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction Sets & Giveaway!!

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Makeup By One Direction has come out with some new limited edition sets for the holidays and I have some to share with you guys today! There's a nail art set, a lip gloss set, and a mascara set, so let's get into it!

The Nail Polish set comes with 3 polishes and 3 glitter toppers, which is just little pots of loose glitter. There's no special topcoat for the glitter or anything, which I thought was rather odd. I think the idea here is to just sprinkle the glitter over still-wet nail polish. 

That's not a difficult thing to do with these, because I found that these polishes take FOREVER to dry! I painted one nail with each color about 2 hours before going to bed, and when I woke up in the morning I had sheet marks on them. At any rate, here are the shades ... I used them on my real nails because I wanted to test them out, so please forgive the horrid state of my cuticles lol! If there's one thing that looks horrible this time of year, it's my hands!

Happily is a blue cream. This one is very sheer and needs a bunch of coats. This is 3 coats and you can stil see through it:
Moments is a hot pink and has the best color payoff out of the three shades. This is 2 coats:
Diana is a holo glitter with holo shards. This is actually really nice! 3 coats here:
The glitters aren't in the best packaging - as a matter of fact they make a bit of a mess when you open them. However, they are pretty, and nice to add a bit of glitter to your nail looks.

Kicks is a blue iridescent glitter:
Not Afraid is a hot pink glitter:
Star is a holographic pink glitter (my favorite of the bunch):
 I definitely recommend using a good clear topcoat when using the glitters if you don't want to have that rough, gritty feeling on your nails.

Next is a set of 3 Liquilights Glow Glosses. These glosses are really nice and have some insane lasting power. They are also supposed to change color under a blacklight, but I have yet to test that because I can't find my blacklight bulb! Anyway, they are pretty pigmented (except for the orange one) and all have sparkle in them. A bit sticky, but nothing horrendous, and they smell like vanilla!
They have a long flat applicator that bends a lot so it's really easy to apply the product.
Kiss You is a peachy orange with holographic glitters:
Taken is a hot pink with lots of sparkle:
Through the Dark is also a hot pink with sparkle, but a few shades deeper than Taken:

Last but not least we have the Electroglam Mascara Set.
These are colored mascaras that you can use on your lashes or in your hair! I was actually quite surprised that they actually show up on your lashes. The formula is pretty thin and does nothing to volumize or lengthen eyelashes, but they are fun for a pop of color!
The wand is pretty standard in shape:
I should also mention that the tubes felt light, so when I held them in front of my light I could see that they're only half full (.22 oz. is the size on the package):

I applied 2 coats of each of the colors to take the following photos.
Why Don't We Go There is the blue:
Does He Know? is the pink:
Story of My Life is the yellow:
The pink definitely has the best color payoff, but I love that they actually all show up! I've had colored mascaras before that do absolutely nothing as far as color payoff goes, so this was a nice surprise.

All in all, these are some really cute holiday sets/stocking stuffers! Check out more about the line at the Makeup By One Direction Facebook Page.

Makeup By One Direction is also giving you a chance to win all 3 of these sets -ENTER HERE!

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes. These are my own honest opinions.
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I also made a video all about the new sets, check it out here!

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