Friday, October 24, 2014

Hard Candy Single & Loving It Eyeshadow in Disco Dancer

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I hate doing negative reviews, I really do, but I should warn you that this is one of those! Hard Candy has some new Single & Loving It eyeshadows out, in fancy looking packaging that drew me in. This is a glitter shade, hence the glitter on the front. There are also metallic ones and I believe the others are satin finishes. Quite honestly, I'm not excited to try any others after this one.

The color looks pretty enough - it's a highly glittery multi-dimensional glitter in the pan. The glitter does look chunky, but I figured this would be a fun one for the holidays. These are only $3, but most Hard Candy stuff is affordable and a lot of it is good stuff (though I have had several hit or miss items from the brand before).
This is just all-around a bad formula. It's dry, and barely picks up any color even when digging at it. I swatched this using my finger, but when you try to use a brush, forget it - even with a sticky base, you're out of luck if you want any color out of this shadow.
It looks like it would be a glittery topcoat to use over other colors, but the formula is so dry that that doesn't work well either. Total fail on this one!
I'm curious to know how the other shades are, has anyone tried them? I know they're only $3, but I'm probably never going to touch this again, so to me it is a waste lol.

I talk more about the shadow in this video here:

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