Sunday, August 31, 2014

e.l.f. Mineral Pearls in Natural

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e.l.f. recently released their version of the Guerlain Meteorites, so of course I had to try them out! The Meteorites are cool and all, but SO EXPENSIVE! The e.l.f. ones are only $8. They are limited edition, and come in 2 shades - this one, which is Natural, and a Skin Balancing one.

They come packaged in a bag so that they don't get smashed during shipping, I guess. That's a nice touch because I noticed they are very soft, so I'm sure they would break easily.
Here is a closeup of the product - though it does come with a powder puff, I prefer to just swirl a face brush around in it because it's really hard to get at it with the puff. 
I tried to swatch the different colors, but they're all so light that it doesn't really make a difference. Also, this says it's supposed to give you a matte finish, but I look far more glowy than matte when I use it!
Here I blended the colors together. Again, you can't really tell much. It is a good match for my skin, but it also doesn't do much for me. It's not a "wow look at that!" product by any means. It's good as a finishing powder, but honestly I don't think I'll be reaching for it too often.It doesn't have very good lasting power and I get oily within an hour while wearing it.

I mention it in this video as well:

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