Sunday, June 1, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Golden Bronzer

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I am head over heels for this bronzer. Yes, it is a permanent color in MACs' line, but for one, I have never tried one of their bronzers before, and secondly, the packaging is just to die for.
If you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you'll know that bronzer isn't one of my favorite things. It's not a must-have for me, it's not something I use every day, and it's definitely not something that I buy a lot of. One of the main reasons for this, and I'm sure all my pale-faced friends here agree with me, is that it's very hard to find a bronzer that doesn't look ridiculous. Sure I've found light ones before, but they're either too brown or too yellow and look very unnatural. So I'd rather go without. Not with this one, ladies and gents! And I will get to that in a second. First, let's appreciate the packaging:
Gorgeous. Gorgeous! You know something is special when even your husband sees it and says it looks cool lol! I *almost* got one of the extra dimension bronzers instead, but the lids on those were clear and I liked the packaging of these regular bronzers so much better. It was a choice between Golden or Refined Golden. After going back and forth over and over again, I saw enough swatches to rule out Refined Golden for myself, because it was more yellow-toned and more shimmery.
I was taking a chance with this, but I figured at the very least, if I didn't like it I could always pop it out and put one of my other MAC powders in it, because again, the compact is so damn pretty!

This shade looks like it might be on the dark side, but let me tell you: it is absolutely perfect for my pale skin tone! It actually applies very light, so you can build it up as you wish. I don't like a very heavily bronzed face, I usually use it to lightly contour and warm my face up a bit. So I have found this to be perfect for doing just that, and because it's so light it is very easy to work with, without worrying about going over the top with it.
Here it is, without flash and with flash:
It does have a tiny bit of shimmer, but I really can't see it when I use it on my face. I am definitely happy I decided to go for this and I have found a holy grail bronzer!

I hope this review was helpful for you, and if you'd like to see me talk more about the bronzer, it is featured in my haul video here:

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