Friday, May 16, 2014


This review is for a really cool product called Dermaflage - it is a system that allows you to cover up recessed scarring. This was a pretty hard review to do, because all of my scars are just white marks, some of them have a bit of a dent to them, but all in all they don't have much recession going on. I originally wanted to do this on my husband's acne scars, but his work schedule has been crazy lately and I've already put off this review for far too long. Then I thought I'd do my c-section scar, but that is like, barely there anymore so it's no use. So, I am going to show you how it works on my navel piercing scars - I used to have 3 piercings in a triangle shape, but the lower 2 rejected and left me with scars. Hopefully you will get the idea of how this stuff works!

You get a kit full of stuff that makes you feel like you're doing a science experiment, which is pretty neat! This makeup was created by a special effects artist, which makes sense because it essentially creates a fake skin. 

Here is a before picture so you can see my scars - again, they are not recessed but they are pretty bumpy.

The first step is to use the primer on the scar - this cleans and preps the skin. It kind of smells like rubbing alcohol and looks like a nail polish bottle.

I got fair and light in my kit, so I chose to use the fair shade. These come with a twist-off top and then you attach one of the disposable applicators to apply it:

You'll notice there are 2 tubes to create the mixture - the skin tone color, and the clear:
They mix together in the applicator to create the substance that you apply:

At this point, it is thick and needs to be smoothed down with the spatulas - they provide 3 different shapes:

As soon as you have it smoothed out over the scar, you hold the skin texture pad on top of it for about 50 seconds. This cures the mixture so that it is no longer sticky, and adds texture to it to make it look just like your skin.

Once done, it looks like this:
It definitely covered the white of my scar. The flash of my camera picks up some shine, but you can dust some translucent loose powder over it to stop the shine - I wouldn't recommend going over it with a colored powder foundation, as it ends up looking super cakey if you do that. They have a ton of different shades to choose from, so there really isn't a need to go over it with makeup once you find your perfect match!

I can see this being absolutely awesome for anyone with a face scar, acne scarring, etc. Obviously I'm not going to be covering up my stomach scars every day but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how it works and how you use it. It is definitely a cool makeup product to help hide scarring. I should also add that it's easy to take off - you can just start rolling it until an edge comes up, and peel it off where you smoothed it down. It is on the same idea of removing latex makeup!

I hope this review was helpful, I enjoyed testing it out and hope you'll check it out if you've been looking for something good to cover up a scar! You can use the code she20 for 20% off your order until June 17th!!

You can learn more at their official site,

*Disclaimer: products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. I bet that would be an amazing way to conceal acne scars. Has anyone tried Dermaflage for acne makeup? Seems like it would work well as acne scar coverup

    1. There are some awesome YouTube videos where people use it to cover acne scarring - here's one: :)