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Too Faced Melted Liquid Longwear Lipstick in Melted Fuchsia

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It seems like everybody and their aunt is talking about these Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. And for good reason: they are an AMAZING new product and definitely something to be excited about!! Yes at $21 they are on the more pricey side as far as lipsticks go (although compared to the crazy high end brands like Tom Ford and YSL, it doesn't seem so bad. I bought mine on the Ulta website with my 20% off coupon and after playing around with it, I have no regrets!!

The packaging is pretty, like most Too Faced packaging. The tube is the color of the lipstick (or close to it, at least) and the twist-off cap is gold.
The back of the box just tells a little about the products and shows the applicator:

The applicator is a "velvet tip" and the product slowly squeezes out of it when you squeeze the tube. I'm not the biggest fan of the applicator and prefer to use a lip brush with this product, but I will say that it doesn't squeeze out too much product. It definitely makes it easy to regulate how much comes out so that you don't have a big goopy mess that can sometime happen with squeeze-through applicators like this.

Here is a swatch, first without flash and then with flash:
Melted Fuchsia is a super hot pink and with one swipe it is completely opaque. I LOVE pigmented lipsticks like this and this one really packs a punch.

Here it is on the lips, no flash and with flash:

It looks to have a bit of shine when you first apply it, but really dries down to a matte finish. I don't experience any drying with it. It has a very pleasant berry scent - at least that's what I get from it, it's kind of hard to place. It has GREAT wear time - about 6 hours before I notice any fading and even then, it starts acting like a stain and doesn't want to budge. I've only experienced fading in the middle of my lips and it's usually after eating.

 I do wish it was more transfer-resistant, because it really shows up on cups/water bottles/if you kiss someone. With all that, I was sure the first time I wore it that I had nothing left on my lips after it came off on my sons' cheek, but when I looked in the mirror it still looked just as vibrant as when I had first put it on. That's kind of a 50/50 - it stays on, but transfers everywhere! lol

All in all, aside from the transferring, it is a great product if you're looking for bright, bold lip colors. There are 6 shades all together and from what I've seen, they all look insanely pigmented like this one here. These are a definite recommendation from me!! If you are interested in a less expensive version, L.A. Girl recently came out with Glazed Lip Paints that are VERY similar. I will be reviewing those soon and comparing them to the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, so be on the lookout!

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I talk more about the lipstick in my recent haul video:

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