Sunday, April 6, 2014

e.l.f. Small Stippling Brush

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e.l.f. had a 50% off sale a couple weeks ago, and the only thing I was interested in were a couple of brushes so I decided to pick up 2 that I have been wanting to try but always seem to be sold out when I think to look for them at Target. The first one is the small stippling brush.

This brush is well-known in the beauty community for being a perfect cream blush brush. It's actually smaller in person than I thought it was from seeing it in YouTube videos and such, but it is a pretty handy tool to have.
It reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques Stippling brush, just a smaller, flimsier version of it. When I say flimsy, I mean the brushes aren't as compact and stiff as the Real Techniques one.
While it works great for cream blush, I especially love it for applying super pigmented blushes that I didn't use often due to the fear of looking like a clown. The LaFemme blushes are a perfect example - all I need to do it stipple a tiny bit on with this brush, then blend it out with a regular blush brush and it works like a charm! It is very soft, and while it's too small to be used to stipple on foundation, you can use it for just about anything else!!
For $3.00 you absolutely can't go wrong. It's a great addition to any brush collection!

You can see the haul video where I talk about this brush here:

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