Friday, March 14, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Native & Comparison to the Original Naked Flushed Palette

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When I first saw that there was a new Naked Flushed palette, I knew I had to get it. The original one is one of my favorite products that I reach for quite often. I will compare the two so that you can see the differences in them. There is supposed to be another one coming out soon as well that looks to be more peach-toned! But until then, let's take a look at Native...

The outside of the palette is slightly darker than the original Flushed palette:
And there is a bright pink sticker on the back, which I thought was rather cute because it matches the color of the blush. Plus, you can see which one is which without having to open it when going through your stash, which I enjoy!
The shades is the Native palette are pinker and lighter than the original. The downside to this is, a lot of people said the original didn't work well for darker skin tones, so this one will be even worse for darker skin tones. 

Here is a shot of the bronzer, highlighter, and blush:
- The bronzer is VERY light. For me this is a great thing, because most bronzers are too dark for me, but I can see where this won't be a good thing for everyone. 
    - The highlighter is GORGEOUS. It's a very light shimmery pink. The texture of it is super smooth, almost creamy feeling. 
- The blush looks almost neon-pink, but blends out so nicely on the cheeks. It gives you that baby doll-pink look.

Now some swatches, with flash:
And without:

Now for comparisons - the Naked Flushed Native palette is on the left and the original Naked Flushed palette is on the right:
(I forgot to take the plastic off the Native mirror - oops! lol) There's not a huge difference in the bronzers. With the highlighters, the Native one is pink and the original one is champagne. The Native blush is a bright pink and the original blush is a mauvey pink.

Naked Flushed Native:
Naked Flushed Original:

And here are comparison swatches - the original palette is swatched on top while Native is swatched on the bottom:

With both palettes, all 3 shades blend beautifully. The highlighters in both are extremely smooth while the blushes and bronzers have a drier texture, yet are still incredibly pigmented. I was a huge fan of the original Naked Flushed, and am and even bigger fan of the Naked Flushed Native palette. I definitely recommend owning at least one of them if they work for your skin tone, because it's so convenient to have a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one place. Lovelovelove!

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