Monday, March 3, 2014

Black Label Nails

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The owner of Black Label Nails, Jenn, has been a good friend of mine for years and recently decided to start up an indie nail polish company. So of course I'm going to do a review for you guys!!
The first color is from the St. Patrick's Day Collection. It is called Clover of the Night and this is a Mini bottle of it (you can get the polishes in this size, or in the full size bottles that I will show in a minute). Minis are 5mL and $4.00. 
Clover of the Night is a glitter topper, meaning it is a clear base loaded with glitter, meant to be worn over any color of your choosing. It has medium sized white glitters, large round purple glitters, and black clovers in it. Her glitters are definitely chock full of glitter!! The issue I had with this one was that the clovers were a bit difficult to grab. It might be more of a bottle issue than the polish itself, because the mini bottle has a short little brush that makes it hard to get to the bottom of the product. 
Here I have Clover of the Night over Sinful Colors Verbena, except for my ring finger which is the polish I'm going to talk about next!

This is Love Hurts and it was from the Valentine's Day Collection. I was debating reviewing it or not but figured why not, it's an awesome polish and will give you a better idea of what her polishes are like if I can review more than just one! So this is a full size. Full size bottles are 15mL and $9.00.
Love Hurts is also a glitter topper. It has loads of red and black glitters with white hearts, and is pretty easy to use. With this one you don't really have to fish for the hearts, and the brush in the full size bottle is plenty long enough to reach everything. These bottles remind me of how the Hot Topic polishes used to come, before they switched over to the skull ones that they use now. I always liked this kind because I find I have total control over the brush.
 So even though I put the Clover of the Night on my ring finger, I wanted to add to it so I also put Love Hurts on top of that. Excuse my nails, they are pretty short right now and kind of a mess. This cold is killing my hands! lol
I love that these dry really fast - I used 2 coats of each polish and normally with glitter polishes, I get that clumpy goopy feeling where they never want to dry, because you have to use multiple coats to get the amount of glitter you want. I was impressed that these dried fast enough to where I bumped my middle nail a few minutes after I finished painting them, and it didn't smear. That is a big plus!! 

Jenn has loads of new polishes planned, I have seen sneak peeks of the spring colors and there are some movie-inspired polishes coming too so there is lots to be excited about!

You can shop Black Label Nails at the Etsy Shop:
Or follow the BLN Instagram for updates and sneak peeks!

You can also check out my video review that I did here:

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