Friday, January 24, 2014

theBalm Cindy-Lou MANizer

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This is something I'm surprised I didn't hear/read a lot of buzz about. I was VERY excited when I saw it, but there wasn't a ton of hype leading up to it, you know? With Mary-Lou MANizer being my favorite highlighter of all time, I knew I would enjoy this one...

I should say right off the bat that this, for me anyway, works better as a blush than a highlighter. If you use it VERY lightly it works as a highlighter, but it is pretty pigmented. It's also not as super shimmery as Mary-Lou MANizer is, so I just find it works better as a shimmery blush, if you will.

The packaging, as with the others, is very cute:
The color is a pinky-peach and is absolutely gorgeous. Just like Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou, this can also be used as an eyeshadow.

This is just from lightly touching it with my fingertip!

With flash:
On the top it's blended out, on the bottom is a heavy swatch.
No flash:

So you can definitely see where, if you use it light-handed, it will work as a nice highlight. But if you're wanting to show more of the color, it definitely works as a blush too. It is smooth and blends like a dream - I've been loving it!!

Cindy-Lou MANizer is featured in this video where I talk more about it:

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