Saturday, January 18, 2014

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Highlighting Blush in Nude

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Since I was finally able to find these in person (I ordered my Pink Rose one online), I got to see them up close and fell in love with this shade in Nude. It's definitely worth sharing with you guys - I love the Pink Rose one, but this one is my favorite!

Just like with the other Master Highlights, the product contains 4 different shades in a basket-weave type pattern. You get 2 satin shades that are a very light baby pink and a light peach, and 2 shimmery champagne colors that are a light champagne and a deeper golden champagne.

On the underside of the product pan is the mirror, and a compartment with a little brush:

Here is a swatch of each shade:
Golden champagne, light champagne, satin pink, satin peach
And here is what it looks like all blended together:
This is the only shade out of the Master Hi-Light blushes that I feel can be used as an actual highlighter, if used lightly. Otherwise it is a gorgeous peachy-champagne blush! I bought it with the purpose of using it as a highlighter, but have used it both ways and love it. In this picture I just have it on as a highlight:
 I absolutely love these Mast Hi-Light blushes! They give you a beautiful glow without being overly shimmery. Cannot speak highly enough about them!!

I talk more about the blush here:

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