Friday, January 10, 2014

Kat Von D Esperanza Palette

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If there's one brand I get excited for more than any other, it's Kat Von D. She is one of my biggest inspirations artistically, and I absolutely love her makeup line. (You can imagine how stoked I was when they first announced she was going to have a line at Sephora, right?) I have been collecting her stuff since the very beginning and have been stalking Sephora for months now looking for this palette to be released. Kat first teased us with it on her Instagram about a month before Christmas and I've been lusting after it ever since. Let's take a look!

Everything from the packaging to the shadow colors just screams spring. Kat did an awesome job with this one! You have a sugar skull with flowers, all colorful and gorgeous on the cover:
The back of the palette has some more flower art and tells the color names:
And inside you have a nice big mirror that takes up most of the inside cover, with flowers all around the border.
I'm not sure if this is going to be the new format for Kat's palettes or not. In the past, she's had rubberized cases and metal cases - it seems to be taking a step down with a cardboard one. It is pretty sturdy and has a magnetic closure, but it's not as sturdy as her past palettes.

The palette contains 8 shades, as her normal palettes do. It is just eyeshadow, doesn't include any brushes or mini eyeliners like palettes in the past.

Now for the swatches!! Selena is a medium purple with teal shimmer in it:
This one isn't quite as smooth as the other shades in the palette but man, is it gorgeous!

Dayglo is the "Transformer Shade," an iridescent white with green shift:
This is so pigmented it can definitely be used on its own, but in playing around with it over the other shades I found it will give any of them a green shift.

Galore is a pearly peach. Not shimmery, more of a satin:
This color was included in the Spellbinding Book of Shadows, so it's not new. It is a great shade though so I don't mind having a double!

Placebo is described as a matte peony pink. It's a pretty reddish coral that is quite unique to my collection!
This shade is awesome, perfect for spring, and would make a great blush as well!

Santeria is a blackened green with blue and green glitters:
Definitely the darkest shade in the palette, but still manages to keep with the spring theme!

Archangel is another unique shade. It's a matte seafoam green with pink and blue sparkles:
At first glance I thought it was just a matte seafoam green color, and once I swatched it I was like "that is SO PRETTY!"

South is a matte beige color:
Definitely makes the palette complete for me to have a good blending shade like this. I wouldn't call it a highlighter because it's not a full-on cream, but it is definitely a good skintone shade for lighter skintones.

Last is Dog Roses, a metallic bronzey gold:
This is super pigmented and creamy, but also very dupeable so it's not a big standout shade for me. Still pretty, nonetheless.

So something I noticed, and it says it for all of her shadows now, is that they are infused with rose extract to moisturize the delicate eyelid area. That's pretty cool and I was not aware of that so I figured it was worth mentioning!

I think this is an awesome palette to have for spring - just as her Ladybird palette seemed to be perfect for fall. It is limited edition but available now for $36 at I hope you guys enjoyed this review - remember to follow me on Bloglovin' to stay updated!

Check out my video about the Esperanza palette here:

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