Thursday, November 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Brocades Polishes for Holiday 2013

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These are the Maybelline holiday polishes for the year, called the Brocades. These are a part of the Gilded in Gold collection, but come in their own display - which is kind of a bummer for me, since I found this display but can't find the one with the blushes that I so desperately want! Last year they had the Sequins polishes (which apparently I never reviewed on here because I went searching and couldn't find a post about it - what kind of crap is that?!) but if you remember, they were very sparkly, glittery, and festive. This year is more of the same, a lot of these have duochrome to them so they're more complex. I found these so intriguing and beautiful that, like last years, I needed all of them!
The first color here is called Gilded Rose:
This is a gold micro glitter with a green and pink duochrome to it, and light pink hexagonals. It is best with 3 coats. A lot of these are ones you need to see in person because duochromes are so hard to photograph!

Lavishly Lilac:
This is a sheer purple base with gold micro glitter, violet, blue and pink glitters, and lavender hexagonal glitter. Best with 3 coats.

Ruby Refined:
This one is a deep pink base with pink and gold micro glitters and different sizes of pink hexagonal glitter. Opaque with 2 coats.

Beaming Blue:
A sheer light blue base with violet duochrome, gold, blue and violet micro glitters, and different sizes of blue hexagonal glitter. Needs 3 coats.

Emerald Elegance:
This is a deep green base with green and gold micro glitters and different sizes of green hexagonal glitter. Opaque with 2 coats.

Black in Mirrors:
This is a sheer black base with black and silver mirco glitters and larger silver glitter. This one is packed with glitter but needs a few coats to get the black effect.

Amethyst Couture:
I saved my favorite for last - this is GORGEOUS! It is a deep purple base with gold and purple micro glitters and different sizes of purple hexagonal glitter. This is the most pigmented of the bunch and pretty opaque with one coat, though 2 coats makes it look even more amazing.

I should mention that all of these swatches were just one coat. I can go maybe 2 days without chipping as long as I use a good top coat AND base coat. They chip easily, which is a bummer, but then again last years' Sequins polishes did the same thing. They're just so damn pretty that I don't careee! These are such perfect colors for the holidays coming up, and there have been so many holiday polishes coming out that I have been going nuts! This is the last of the ones I have to review though (for now anyway!) so I hope you guys enjoyed. If you come across this display, you NEED Amethyst Couture, trust me! But the whole collection is full of unique polishes so they're all worth it :)

You can see all the polishes in this video:

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